Our Services


  • Design, Construction, Testing & commissioning of 33/132/300/400KV

SUBSTATIONS {Indoor (G.I.S) & Outdoor (AIS)}

  • Design, Construction, Testing & Commissioning of 33/132/300/400KV


  • Design, Construction, Testing & Commissioning of 33/132/300/400KV


  • Design, Construction, Testing & Commissioning of

Transmission Networks Telemetry

{From Far ends to NCC (National Control Canter)}

  • Live OHTL Maintenance (insulators replacement & Washing)
  • Live OPGW Stringing and Replacement


  • 11KV/415 Primary & Secondary Substation

(Design, Supply.Instal., Commission & maintenance)

  • 11KV/415 OVERHEAD Transmission Lines

(Design, Supply.Instal., Commission & Maintenance)

  • 11KV/415 Underground Cables

(Design, Supply.Instal., Commission & Maintenance)

  • Distribution Management System

(Design, Supply.Instal., Commission & Maintenance)


  • Electrical Works in OIL & GAS Field

(Design, Supply.Instal., Commission & Maintenance)

  • Electrical Works For Water Reservoirs & Towers

(Design, Supply.Instal., Operation & Maintenance)

  • Electrical Works For Water Pump Station

(Design, Supply.Instal., Operation & Maintenance)

  • Electrical Works For Sewage Pump Stations & S.T.P.

(Design, Supply.Instal., Operation & Maintenance)

  • Marine and Sub-Marine Electrical Works

(Design, Supply.Instal., Commission & Maintenance)

  • Air-Field (Airports) Electrical Works

(Design, Supply.Instal., Commission & Maintenance)

  • Street Lighting Works for New Cities & Upgrading of Existing

(Design, Supply.Instal., Commission & Maintenance)

  • Area Lighting (Ports, Stadiums, Sports Halls and Urban)

(Design, Supply.Instal., Commission & Maintenance)


  • Design & Implementation of Photovoltaic On-Grid / Off-Grid Plants
  • Design & Implementation of Solar Water Heating & Cooling Industrial Systems
  • Design & Implementation of Concentrated Solar Power Plant (CSP)-{Concentrated Solar Thermal}
  • Design & Installation of Backup Solar System
  • Design & Implementation of PV Street Lighting System


Telecom Towers

  • Broadcasting Towers
  • Microwave Towers
  • Antenna System
  • Camouflage Solns
  • Camouflage Solns
  • Integrated Traffic

Fiber Optic Cable

  • Supply of F.O.C
  • Installation
  • Splicing Works
  • Testing & Commission
  • Maintenance of old F.O.C Networks
  • Upgrading Old nets

OPGW Works

  • Supply of OPGW
  • Stringing
  • Splicing
  • Testing & Commission
  • Replacement of  old OPGW


ASIG WLL provides complete structural services in:

  • Electro-Mechanical Erection for Heavy Structural Engineering for Power Plant Turbines and Exhaust Chimneys, Warehouse Structures and Sea Water Intake Piping Structures.
  • ASIG WLL has an exhaustive retinue of machinery and equipment for undertaking turnkey jobs in Electrical Engineering in Oil & Gas and other verticals.
  • SIEMENS, ALSTOM, GE, DAELIM, HYUNDAI and MITSUBISHI are some of the prestigious clients in business with us for over three decades.


In the span of over three decades ASIG has executed @ 700 + BTS and Roof Top Installations for erstwhile MTC (Now Zain) and Wataniya – as main subcontractors to siemens (Now Nokia Siemens Network). We have successfully executed projects in Sudan, Oman (for Oman Tel) and Georgia.

We offer product as well as turnkey project solutions in broadband communication networks.

We offer range range from nXEI to STM4 including:

  • Legacy products: Modems, Multiplexers, IMUXes, Media Converters, Access Units.
  • Microwave products: PTP & PTMP in 2.4 GHz up to 36 GHz band.
  • IP Media Sub Servers
  • WiMax products: 3.5 GHz
  • 3G PP Products
  • FO Multiplexers
  • Rate and Interface Converters: V.35/G.703/X.21/HSSI/V.24
  • CPEs: xDSL
  • DVB Products
  • Up/Down Converters
  • LNBs
  • IDSU

Our Services include:

  • BTS/Microwave Turnkey: Site Survey, Installation, Erection, Commissioning, Alignment, Cabling,
    Testing & Final Handover
  • Towers: Supply, Erection, Installation
  • SI Services : Tailor made solutions for broadband connectivity requirements

We specialize in devising customer centric reliable and economic solutions for a range of voice & data applications.